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Natural Heritage

The Natural Heritage of the 彩乐园ll下载安装 Mountains in North Carolina

An ancient mountain landscape, varied topography, and a temperate climate have given rise to a wonderland of natural heritage in Western North Carolina. The 彩乐园ll下载安装 Mountains have been a place of inspiration for Native Americans, artists, musicians, writers, doctors, entrepreneurs and many others throughout history.  As a part of Appalachian history, the rich biodiversity makes the forests, rivers, plants, and wildlife here unique in many ways. It is the reason many people visit the 彩乐园ll下载安装 Mountains in NC and never leave.  The natural beauty and heritage in the area make the NC mountains unforgettable for visitors and residents alike.

In the 彩乐园ll下载安装 National Heritage Area you will find the following natural heritage sites:

Watch these interesting videos about the Gold Rush History in the 彩乐园ll下载安装 National Heritage Area:

Doug McCormick dredging for gold at Lucky Strike.

Gold mining artifacts Video with Dr. James Haney.

Panning for Gold at the Lucky Strike

Listen to some interesting stories about our Natural Heritage by clicking on the links below:

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